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Ana Juanche Molina
Latin America Coordinator (since 2004) of SERPAJ-AL (Service for Peace and Justice in Latin America) and Co-Chair (since 2006) of ForAL (Forging Alliances South and North). Previously National Coordinator (2000-04) of SERPAJ Uruguay. Linguist and school teacher. Editor of the magazine Education and Human Rights – Journal for Teachers. Facilitates workshops on peace and human rights education in Uruguay and elsewhere in Latin America. Contributor to academic journals on education and social sciences in Latin America and Europe.

Magda Lanuza
M.A. in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University (USA), Associate Researcher (since 2001) at the Center for International Studies in Nicaragua. Was Latin America Program Coordinator for the Center for Economic Justice (USA). Currently she collaborates with several social movement networks in Central and South America, including Jubilee South, the Hemispheric Social Alliance, and the Network against dams and for the protection of rivers (REDLAR). She is on the editorial board of the magazine Biodiversity in Latin America.

Philip McManus
Chair (since 1988) of the U.S. Fellowship of Reconciliation Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean and Co-Chair (since 2002) of ForAL (Forging Alliances South and North). Latin America Program Officer for Appleton Foundation (since 2006). He is also a founder and President (1995-2001) of SIPAZ (International Service for Peace), an international coalition formed to support the peace process in Chiapas, Mexico. He is editor of Relentless Persistence: Nonviolent Action in Latin America (1991: New Society Publishers).

Sandra Quintela
Program Coordinator (since 1999) of the Institute on Alternative Policies for the Southern Cone (PACS) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which works with social movements on the construction of alternative forms of theorizing and practicing economics based on cooperation, solidarity and equity. Sandra is trained as a Social Economist, and is active in social networks and organizations in Brazil and abroad, including: the Brazilian Network for Economy and Society in Solidarity; the Jubilee South Network – Asia, Africa, and Latin America; the Campaign Against the FTAA; the Global Women’s March; and the Latin American Network of Women Transforming the Economy. She has published articles in books, magazines and journals.

Pablo Romo Cedano
Founding member of the “Fray Francisco de Vitoria” Human Rights Center in Mexico City (1982 – 1988), director of the  “Fray Bartolomé de las Casas” Human Rights Center in Chiapas (1993 – 1996) and research staffperson at the same Center (1996 – 1999).  President of Dominicans for Human Rights, with headquarters in Geneva (1999 – 2003). He was an advisor to Bishop Samuel Ruiz García (1991 – 1999) and advisor to the National Intermediation Commission, CONAI (1994 – 1998).  Currently he works at SERAPAZ (Peace Services and Consulting) in Mexico City where he coordinates the Monitoring Project on Social Conflict in Mexico.


Forjando Alianzas Sur y Norte/Forging Alliances South and North
2500 Smith Grade
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 USA  Tel. (831) 426-0951


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