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Our Mission


Our Mission

Building Social Change Partnerships

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Please note: ForAL is currently inactive.

Our Mission

Forging Alliances South and North (ForAL) promotes inter-American partnerships between the philanthropic community, primarily in the United States, and civil society organizations and movements working for social change in Latin America and the Caribbean.

ForAL seeks to:

Foster mutual empowerment, understanding, and collaboration

Work to increase the transfer of funds from North to South to address pressing social issues

Bridge Building Between Grantmakers & Grantseekers in the Americas

Philanthropy in the United States facilitates the transfer of billions of dollars to deserving causes. However, domestic issues predominate, and comparatively few resources are directed abroad. According to a recent Foundation Center and Council on Foundations study, just 3.3% of US foundation grants go overseas and a large part of those funds are channeled to Europe rather than to economically disadvantaged regions. Yet global problems are often most acute in poorer countries, and global solutions must incorporate dynamic social movements in those regions. Moreover, philanthropic funding in the South can be highly cost effective.

Beyond the quantity of resources, voices from within Latin American civil society and the North American philanthropic community are also calling for an approach that better empowers and enhances the effectiveness of all involved in the grantmaking process.

ForAL is bridging the divide between US-based funders and social movements in Latin America and the Caribbean, a divide characterized by language differences and insufficient familiarity with each other's social and political contexts. ForAL deepens hemispheric relationships and provides information, analysis and other services to the philanthropic community in the North and social change organizations in the South.

ForAL's Distinctive Features:

• Innovative bridge-building

• Mutual empowerment

• Not-for-profit initiative

• Primarily Latin American directed

• Extensive regional expertise and contacts

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