Survey for Grantmakers

ForAL has published a Spanish-language online guide to U.S. foundations that has been made available to organizations in Latin America. We invite you to participate by filling out the survey below. Thank you.

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Has your foundation ever granted funds to grantees in Latin America or the Caribbean? Yes No
Do you plan to fund (or continue funding) Latin American grantees? Yes No
If you have not been involved in grantmaking to Latin American organizations, are you interested in doing so in the future? Yes No N/A
If you do fund in Latin America, can you accept proposals written in Spanish? Yes No
Portuguese? Yes No
Is information about your grantmaking process available in Spanish? Yes No
Portuguese? Yes No
Do you support U.S.-based organizations or regranting organizations that work with counterparts in the Americas? Yes No
Are you interested in the services ForAL provides grantmakers related to giving in Latin America? Possibilities include geographic, issue, or sector-specific contacts and/or recommendations; analysis of regional issues, trends and social movements; independent assessment of project proposals and/or results; consultation on grantmaking practices; etc? (if so, we will contact you to explore this further) Yes No
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